Week 8/2015 in the Death with Dignity Movement


Last week a bill was introduced in the New York House, a bill criminalizing physician-assisted dying failed in Montana, and debate about Death with Dignity ramped up in Maryland and Massachusetts. The Daily Beast asked whether assisted dying is “the new abortion,” and after she declared support for the issue Diane Rehm featured Death with Dignity on her program.

These are the highlights of the most important developments in the movement around the United States from February 15 to February 21, 2015, with the corresponding media coverage.


The lively debate around the End of Life Option Act continued in the media, including on KPFA radio where our Vice President George Eighmey debated the proponents’ side.


Maryland’s Death with Dignity law acquires an influential spokesperson and a human face.


After Rep. Kafka again introduced a Death with Dignity bill, the issue is back on the table in the state where a related ballot initiative was narrowly defeated in 2012.


The bill criminalizing physician-assisted dying failed in the Montana House.

New York

A month after Rep. Rosenthal introduced New York Death with Dignity Act in the State Assembly, Senators Savino and Hoylman introduced New York End of Life Options Act in the State Senate.


The sunsetting provisions of the Death with Dignity law are up for debate in the state legislature.


Image by Zarko Drincic.

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