Vermont Senate Committee Endorses Death with Dignity

Oregon hospice expert Ann Jackson testifying in Vermont.
OR hospice expert Ann Jackson testifying in VT. Photo care of PCV.

After hearing hours of heartfelt testimony throughout the week, the Vermont Senate Health and Welfare Committee endorsed the Death with Dignity bill to move forward today.

The bill will now be referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration. The Judiciary Committee will decide whether or not to allow the bill to move to the Senate floor for debate. According to news reports, the decision is expected to take place the week of February 11th.

Social movements like Death with Dignity are slow, ponderous behemoths, which seem to unexpectedly speed up. For 12 years, dedicated advocates in Vermont have been working toward enacting the first Death with Dignity law through the legislative process. And after a somewhat quiet period of building support, the last two years have seen major steps forward for the state. All the years of hard work are now coming to fruition at a rapid pace.

It’s an exciting time for Death with Dignity, and we look forward to keeping you up to date with these and other states’ legislative developments.

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