Vermont Senate Advances Bill


The process of passing laws is a bit like making sausage, the end product is often good, but you probably don’t really want to see how the product came to be. The many twists and turns the Vermont Death with Dignity bill experienced this week were no exception.

Over the course of three days, the Senate held hours of lively debate about the proposed legislation. After the bill was drastically amended, they passed Senate Bill 77 by a margin of 22 to 8. If you’re curious about the minutiae of this week’s proceedings, check out the Seven Days summary.

The bill now heads to the House in the next steps in its journey. Look for a major overhaul in the House where the majority of the members have said they support laws emulating the time-tested Oregon and Washington Death with Dignity Acts.

The bill still has a long ways to go in the sausage-making process. We’ll continue to keep updates coming your way through our blog and on social media through Facebook and Twitter.

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