Vermont Becomes the 3rd State with a Death with Dignity Law

With Governor Shumlin's signature on May 20, 2013, Vermont became the third state in the nation with a Death with Dignity law–the first one to be enacted through a legislative process and first of its kind on the east coast.

This historic accomplishment was the culmination of over ten years of work by our partners in the state, Patient Choices Vermont, and their president Dick Walters has diligently led the way the entire time. Over the years, many experts on Oregon's law traveled to Vermont to help lawmakers and voters learn more about these important laws, and one of these experts was George Eighmey who serves on the Death with Dignity National Center board of directors and, for 12 years, helped terminally ill Oregonians navigate Oregon's Death with Dignity law.

Melissa Barber from Death with Dignity National Center had the opportunity recently to chat with Dick Walters and George Eighmey about the impact of Vermont's new law allowing for Death with Dignity. Listen to the entire interview below.

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