Üzerlik … Harran 2/3 – Ellerin Türküsü Kanal B


Evil Eye Fancies Yapım: Ayse Oksuz Kanal B Turkey Kurgu: Nehir Şeref Üzerlik (Nazarotu, Çayağzı, Harmal, Peganum African rue) Region: Harran, also known as Carrhae, is a district of Şanlıurfa Province in the southeast of Turkey. A very ancient city which was a major Mesopotamian commercial, cultural, and religious center, Harran is a valuable archaeological site. It is often identified as Haran, the place in which Abraham lived before he reached Canaan. Among Harran’s trading partners was Tyre (Ezekiel 27:23). One of Harran’s specialties was the odoriferous gum derived from the stobrum tree.[1][2] The city was the chief home of the Mesopotamian moon god Sin, under the Babylonians and even into Roman times. Carrhae is a defunct ancient town on the site, and gave its name to the Battle of Carrhae (53 BC), fought between the Roman Republic and the Parthian Empire. Harran’s ruins date from Roman, Sabian, and Islamic Caliphate times. TE Lawrence surveyed the site, and an AngloTurkish excavation was begun in 1951, ending in 1956 with the death of DS Rice. Harran is famous for its traditional ‘beehive’ adobe houses, constructed entirely without wood. The design of these makes them cool inside (essential in this part of the world) and is thought to have been unchanged for at least 3000 years. Some were still in use as dwellings until the 1980s. However, those remaining today are strictly tourist exhibits, while most of Harran’s population lives in a newly built small village

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