Tribute Caskets: A One-of-a-Kind Tribute, to a Unique Life


For people who want something special and unique, but also affordable and environmentally responsible. For many people, a “traditional” funeral is out of step with how we have lived our lives and want to be remembered. We want more than the standard wooden box or metal casket that our parents and grandparents chose — we want our funeral to tell the story of who we really were; what our life meant, and the legacy we leave behind. Now there’s a new funeral casket that is kind to the environment and reflects who we are and how we have lived our lives; our interests, passions and personality. This highly personal type of memorial is manufactured in Canada under the fitting name of Tribute Caskets. These caskets are made using sustainable, renewable fiberboard, non-toxic starch based glues and custom printed using vegetable oil inks. Suitable for traditional burial, cremation and the growing trend of natural burial.

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