Woodland burial park


Beaconsfield burial park

Woodland Burial Chapel, Poole – Walkthrough Animation (Western Design Architects)

A low profile, landscape enhancing design for a rural burial chapel with function room. The building is surrounded by a moat and the landscape is built up against the outer walls of the chapel. The new burial chapel will be located in Upton Poole.

Woodland Burial Ground

Took these images and video on my first visit to a Woodland Burial Ground outside Fenwick near Kilmarnock Scotland. Have to admit it was not quite what I was expecting to see.

Westmill Woodland Burial Ground open day

Westmill Burial Ground. Just established, so yet to get established, but when it does, it will be a great place. Fantastic ‘vortex beam’ roof on the building. Google ‘Westmill Woodland Burial Ground’. Website – www.woodlandburialwestmill.co.uk

The Natural Woodland Burial

The Woodland Burial offers a truly green, natural and eco friendly alternative to that of the municipal cemeteries and crematoriums. Rural Bedfordshire is home to one of only two consecrated (protected for all time) sites in the UK, with 60 acres of woodland available to those that embrace natures true values. Irrespective of religion, belief or otherwise, all are welcome to rest here.

Woodland Burials – Introductory Video

Woodland Burial Parks are the ideal places for anyone looking for a green funeral, a natural burial, an environmentally friendly funeral for themselves or for someone they love.

A Woodland Burial

Woodland Burial Parks offer an eco-friendly and more meaningful alternative to traditional burial and cremation options and differ in many important ways from other cemeteries or green burial sites. Our woodland cemeteries are all set amongst mature trees and are home to a broad variety of wildlife and woodland plants, reinforcing the concept of the renewal of life. We welcome people from all communities, backgrounds, faiths and beliefs, and provide the highest standard of care for the bereaved families who choose to use us.

natural burialNatural burial ground opens in the Vale

natural burialNatural burial ground opens in the Vale
The first natural burial ground has opened in the Vale of Glamorgan. Native Woodland, the Monmouth-based company, officially opened the site Thursday with the Mayor of the Vale of Glamorgan, Councillor Audrey Preston cutting the ribbon. Report by Media Wales’ James Cuff

greenhaven woodland burial ground

greenhaven woodland burial ground
A tree instead of a head stone . Lock up your carbon in a tree and not the at the atmosphere,leave a footprint to be proud of. Leave a cleaner world for future generations. www.greenhaven.org.uk