LASTING IMAGES: alternatives to traditional burial


You know the saying “death and taxes….,” but tax time comes only once a year and death comes approximately ninety six times per minute. What will you do when your minute arrives? Enter Lasting Images, a feature documentary showing the lighter side of contemporary choices in human remains disposal, of which there are many: Traditional burial– still the first choice among Americans today, but Cremation is rapidly gaining. The growing alternative Green movement, put on the map by the popular HBO series six feet under (oh, and they got it all wrong!); and finally, human composting. You would have to have a sense of humor to make a machine that mulches a loved one.

Lasting Images

Lasting Images is a light-hearted feature documentary that showcases contemporary choices in human remains disposition. You can own the full length version of this film on DVD or DRM-free download here: Find other great festival films at