Walkers launches free recycling program amid growing pressure from critics


An online social media campaign calling for popular UK chip manufacturer Walkers to adopt a more sustainable packaging method has succeeded. After hundreds of thousands of empty potato crisp packages were sent back to the company by environmental critics the PepsiCo owned company is launching a free recycling initiative to collect and repurpose their packaging. Initially the company intended to adopt a better packaging solution by 2025 to curb its growing waste crisis, but pressure from consumers… View full post on Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

An ever-evolving, growing home in Indonesia adapts to its owners’ needs

Indonesian architecture firm Studio SA_e recently completed the latest and most dramatic renovation yet on Rumah Gerbong, a home that has undergone many evolutions and expansions since the clients purchased it 18 years ago. Located in the planned township of Bintaro Jaya in Jakarta, the house has evolved from a place solely for residence to a multifunctional dwelling that accommodates residential, an office and entertaining spaces. Described as a “multistep development” or “growing house”… View full post on Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

The organic farm teaching sustainable growing techniques in Canada’s cold, dark north

Tucked inside the lush boreal forest in Canada’s Northwest Territories, you’ll find something unexpected. There, cheek to jowl with the ever-encroaching trees sits a thriving farm with snuffling pigs, lush fruit trees, and acres of vegetables, all in an environment that is anything but hospitable to agriculture. But creating a flourishing, regenerative landscape perfect for a productive local farm is exactly what the Northern Farm Traning Institute is all about, and their goal is to help people… View full post on Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

The farmers growing food across frigid northern latitudes

Although frost has arrived in most subtropical regions of the world, farmers still carry on even in the most extreme cold climates with the help of innovative technology and thoughtful design. Polar Permaculture Solutions of Norway and the Inuvik Community Greenhouse and Arctic Greens project of Alaska are examples of defiant, determined agriculture in the Arctic. With features such hydroponic systems, insulated greenhouses, and compost-warmed geodesic domes, these farms are far from frozen despite… View full post on Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

This building has trees growing right through its walls

This charming building in Hue, ancient capital of Vietnam, embraces nature to mitigate the negative effects of urbanization taking place in the area. Cong Sinh Architects bought the existing property and converted it into an office space that has trees growing through its walls.

The structure is located in the southern region of Hue, where green spaces is becoming sparser due to urbanization. Unlike the northern part of the city, where construction is strictly managed and controlled by the local… View full post on Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green BuildingEco funeral – Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

A Growing Conversation About Death with Dignity

For years, many state lawmakers have been working quietly to put forward Death with Dignity legislation, and with the recent shift in the national conversation around end-of-life healthcare policy reform, some politicians are taking a more vocal stance. Within the last few years, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin made Death with Dignity part of his campaign platform; New Jersey Assemblyman John Burzichelli introduced and is championing his proposed Death with Dignity legislation; and Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach has begun being more vocal in his support for the Death with Dignity bill he proposed.

His bill emulates our model legislation, the Oregon Death with Dignity Act. In an editorial published this week, Senator Leach outlined why Pennsylvania needs to follow in the footsteps of Oregon, Washington, and Vermont. He pointed out how Americans want and seek out options in all facets of their lives:

The desire for choice seems to be in America’s DNA. As a people, we demand a cornucopia of choices in virtually every aspect of our lives. We demand everything from 31 flavors to 800 channels. We go to The Cheesecake Factory to choose between 300 menu items, in a mall with 400 stores…Yet we have, for the most part, passively accepted the denial of any choice in the one area of life where it perhaps means the most. In most places in this country, we can not choose how we want our lives to end.

He went on to explain specific provisions of the proposed Pennsylvania legislation:

The bill requires that any person wanting the medication fill out and sign a notarized form, indicating that they themselves were making the request. They would then need two separate doctors, a treating physician, and a non-treating independent physician to attest that the patient has a terminal disease and has less than 6 months to live. Only then would the medicine be disbursed.

Senator Leach addressed opponent’s false assertions which we’ve heard since Oregonians voted on the groundbreaking Death with Dignity Act in 1994; he pointed out the proposed law would only be an option for people who are clearly dying as a result of a terminal illness. He also reflected on the experience of people who’ve exercised their rights under other states’ Death with Dignity laws that “just having the medicine, and the options it brings, is enough comfort to enable them to keep going.”

Poignantly, he ends his op-ed by summing up the true aim of Death with Dignity laws: patient centered care.

Ideally, the end of life is a time filled with sadness, but also sweetness, reconciliations and meaningful goodbyes. It is an intensely personal time that should be choreographed and lived by the person and the family affected.

Senator Leach’s editorial is part of the growing public demand for laws to allow terminally ill people to decide what’s best for themselves in their final days, and it’s refreshing to see more and more politicians calling on their fellow lawmakers to stand up and respect the will of the people.

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Green burials are growing in popularity

Regina Waldroup reports: Death is going green. A growing number of people are eschewing traditional end of life rituals for simpler, more environmentally friendly, and in many cases, less expensive green burials. Some casket manufacturers and funeral directors are responding to the trend.

eco burialEco-Burials

eco burialEco-Burials
A look at the growing movement towards natural, or green, burials.