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. Natural or green burial is regarded as a statement of personal values for those who seek to minimize their impact on the local and global environment. Natural burial is available at the Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria, BC in areas we refer to as WOODLANDS interment zones.

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Steelmantown Cemetery Green Burial Preserve

Steelmantown Cemetery, nestled in a secluded preserve surrounded by the Belleplain State Forest, is the only Green Burial Preserve in New Jersey. It is a true natural burial ground, dating back to the 1700′s. Adorned with wildflowers, hushed by the forest canopy, refreshed by nearby streams, this oasis of wildlife is the perfect place to rest in peace, reunited with nature. Burial containers are displayed for educational purposes and are not from actual funerals. This video is presented in honor of all those who rest here, and especially those whom it has been our privilege to serve. For more information go to

Go Green Tampa Bay – Green Burial Designed to inspire viewers to come up with ideas to counteract economic and environmental woes through the use of alternative resources, a group of enterprising St. Petersburg College video production students, in partnership with WEDU, have produced a 30-minute television documentary Go Green Tampa Bay. The students hope to encourage viewers to help younger generations create awareness so that they may enjoy cost-effective, greener futures. About St.Petersburg College: In 1927, St. Petersburg College (then known as St. Petersburg Junior College) became Florida’s first private, non-profit, two-year school of higher learning located in downtown St. Petersburg. Full accreditation followed in 1931 and in 1948 SPC became a public college. In June 2001, SPJC officially became St. Petersburg College when Florida’s governor signed legislation making it the first community college in Florida to offer four-year degrees. On Dec. 11, 2001, the college received the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ accreditation to offer courses leading to bachelor’s degrees. In 2002, St. Petersburg College began offering courses leading to bachelor’s degrees in Education, Nursing and Technology Management. The college’s commitment to its two-year curriculum, which has earned it wide recognition and annually wins it high national rankings, remains as strong as ever. Today, SPC has eight learning sites throughout Pinellas County and recently became the first college in

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What is Green Burial

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Wicker Green Eco Burial Casket

Wicker Green Eco Burial Casket,

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How Much Does a Green Burial Cost?

For people who like the idea of continuing to help the environment after they die, a “green” or “natural” burial forgoes harsh embalming fluids, sealed metal caskets and concrete vaults of a traditional burial. “Green” cemeteries often combine an open space conservation easement or trust with natural burial techniques.
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WinterWillow weaves last word in going green

A simple craft to occupy homeless people at a day centre has blossomed into a booming business. EMMA HIGGINBOTHAM visits WinterWillow, purveyors of eco-friendly coffins.
PLANNING what kind of coffin you want to be buried in probably isn’t terribly high on your ‘to do’ list, but there’s no getting away from it: we’ll all need one one Day[...]
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