Global movement will call out consumer brands most responsible for plastic pollution


The Story of Stuff Project is launching its global call to action in combatting plastic pollution worldwide. The ambitious initiative plans to identify the most pervasive polluter companies found in waste while simultaneously cleaning up costal and inland communities across the country. The plastic waste brand audit is the first of its kind and intends to underline responsibility and accountability at the very source of our world’s growing trash crisis.

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The World Wildlife Fund created a fake store to call out Singapore’s ivory laws

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), also know as the World Wide Fund for Nature, revealed on Tuesday that it is behind the fake online ivory shop Ivory Lane in Singapore. The wildlife charity set up the store, which received widespread international disapproval, in an effort to shed light on Singapore’s local ivory laws. The legal framework set up by the government continues to facilitate the global trade of illicit ivories, something the WWF is attempting to alter.

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It’s too close to call

Despite strong early support for Death with Dignity in Massachusetts the final vote tally is too close to call right now. Support is still strong, and however this election turns out, it’ll continue to grow as more people learn the truth about Death with Dignity.

When Oregon voters first approved of the first groundbreaking Death with Dignity in 1994, it was also too close to call. The final result was 51.3% to 48.7%. Not since Washingtonians approved their state’s Death with Dignity law in 2008 has another state come so close to passing the next Death with Dignity Act by ballot initiative. The recent efforts in Massachusetts have directly changed the national conversation around death, dying, and assisted death, and that is a huge step forward for our entire movement.

Everyone deserves to decide how to live the rest of their lives when death is near. We’ll continue to move forward as people throughout the US join their voices together to demand more end-of-life options. The Death with Dignity National Center will stand with them, just as we did this year in Massachusetts, in Washington in 2008, and 18 years ago in Oregon.

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