Public Hearing for Vermont Death with Dignity


Social movements like Death with Dignity are slow, ponderous behemoths, which seem to unexpectedly speed up. For 12 years, dedicated advocates in Vermont have been working toward enacting the first Death with Dignity law through the legislative process. And after a somewhat quiet period of building support, the last two years have seen major steps forward for the state. All the years of hard work by our partners, Patient Choices Vermont, (watch their new video to the right) are now coming to fruition at a rapid pace.

The Vermont Senate Health and Welfare Committee began hearings to weigh the merits of the proposed Death with Dignity law this morning, and this evening at 5:00 pm ET, the Committee will hear public testimony about the proposed bill.

These hearings are scheduled to run from 5:00-7:00, and people giving testimony will be allowed to speak for up to one minute. With all the momentum and excitement around the Vermont effort, I wouldn’t be surprised if these hearings run a bit late. Since they’re public hearings, you’ll be able to listen to them live on Vermont Public Radio or watch them on Vermont Public Television.

The Committee will continue to hear expert testimony tomorrow, Thursday and Friday as well. I look forward to posting updates as I hear them from Vermont, and check us out on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.

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