Natural Burial Sites


Natural Burial Sites in the UK

There are many Natural Burial Sites here in the UK,scattered all over the country,they tend to differ in layout from one another,some being a woodland setting,others being grassy meadows,or sometimes they can be a mixture of both  but  basically all natural burial sites offer the same service, an ecological internment for your loved ones where they should remain undisturbed forever,A natural burial site burial differs vastly from a standard churchyard burial in that the emphasis is on returning to nature, with a natural burial there is no embalming of the body beforehand,a process which helps the body resist decomposition,the burial is also often done using a biodegradeable coffin so that  the body can degrade naturally after burial without causing any harm to the environment,also most natural burials are non religious with just a simple marker or tree planted to mark the place of internment, Some Natural burial sites will allow a religious internment but dont allow any stone or marble gravestones or crosses to be erected,occasionally a small wooden cross is allowed though you will need to check with the natural burial site  before arranging the natural burial of your loved one,if you like the idea of a natural burial but really want your loved one interred with a marble cross or gravestone as the grave marker its worthwhile talking to a funeral director as most churchyards and cemeteries in the uk will now allow a natural burial in an eco coffin without preservatives,this way you will be able to erect a gravestone or cross as a permanent marker for your loved ones final resting place and they will have had the natural burial they wanted.

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