National Center Ice Bucket Challenge


Last week, our executive director Peg Sandeen reflected on a social media phenomenon to raise money for ALS research: the Ice Bucket Challenge. Not long after the article was posted on our blog, Peg was challenged to get ice water dumped on her or make a donation to the ALS Association.

Ever the overachiever, Peg decided to do both and she upped the ante by challenging all of us here at the National Center to take part, pledging to donate for each staff member who participated. All of us played a role. Peg, Cindy, Don and I received the ice water. Pete, Shaun, and Roger dumped the water, and Jennifer shot the video. We filmed our challenge next to one of Portland’s iconic Animals in Pools water fountains. Check out the result:

As is the custom with the Ice Bucket Challenge, Peg challenged three steadfast Death with Dignity advocates. Nancy Niedzielski began her dedication to the Death with Dignity movement during the 2008 Washington campaign, and her efforts were featured in How to Die in Oregon. Scott Swenson served as the National Center’s executive director. Nora Miller, whose husband controlled the manner and timing of his death under Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, never misses a chance to help others understand the peace of mind Death with Dignity laws give to people who are dying.

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