Moss Rich – Britain’s oldest poet introduces the Moss Rich Poetry Prize-giving


Moss Rich’s video introduction to the 2011 Moss Rich Poetry Prize Prize Prize-giving, which took place at the Foundry in Lewes, East Sussex on Friday 11 March 2011. Britain’s oldest working poet in his 101st year was unable to attend the prize-giving in person, so recorded his introduction on video in his hospital room. Moss is blind and very deaf yet still composes poems in his head and recites them from memory. In its first year the prize was the Moss Rich ‘Sounding the Site’ Poetry Prize organised in association with the Centre for Community Engagement and the Students Union at the University of Sussex with the theme ‘Root and Branch’ to coincide with Sussex University Green Week. The prize giving was introduced by River Jones, Community Convenor at CCE and John Davies, Director of Pighog Press. Chair of the judges Abi Curtis announced the winners and Milly Moss presented the certificates. Moss has been married to Milly since 1939, and every year he’s written her a poem on her birthday and their wedding anniversary. Pighog ( recently published a selection of these poems as a limited edition box set. Here is the final list of winners and runners-up in each category: Secondary Students Winner: ‘What the mud said’ (A poem with great originality, drama and strong imagery and rhythm) by Sarah Lucas Runners up: ‘Sua Culpa’ by Lottie Pyper ‘Amidst Root and Branch’ by Charles Kanani Further Education Students ‘At The Root’ (An innovative take on the theme

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