Honor Your Loved Ones by Facing Your Fears and Pursuing Your Passions

Irina Jordan
Irina Jordan

Irina Jordan is the owner of Artisurn—online marketplace of handcrafted cremation urns, jewelry and keepsakes. Connector. Optimist. Avid reader.

I got the dreaded call in the middle of the night; my mom told me my brother was a victim of a burglary in his apartment. He was only 22 years old. Since then, I’ve been haunted by memories of him and our times together.

He was a headstrong and charismatic guy who knew how to persuade others—including me—to do what he wanted and believed in: good and bad. He would’ve made an excellent leader in any professional field.

Memories, both bitter and sweet, tend to sneak up on me at unexpected moments and leave me turning them over and over in my mind. I have a Russian artist’s seascape painting from my brother’s apartment hanging in my house and it’s a constant and symbolic reminder of my own mortality. My brother lived his life to the fullest, and to honor it, I’ve been on a quest to face my fears and pursue my passions.

One of my major breakthroughs was leaving a corporate world and starting my own business. I was scared of letting go of a stable and predictable environment to jump into something quite unpredictable where luck and timing play a big role. That was until last year when I lost a close family friend unexpectedly, and that triggered all the memories of my brother’s untimely and tragic passing. That was the final push which nudged me into launching Artisurn—my ode to my loved ones.

It was founded on the premise everyone deserves a lovingly handcrafted memorial vessel to help on a grieving journey. I want people to celebrate the life of a loved one or beloved pet by finding a perfect one-of-a-kind memorial item they can proudly display in their homes or wear close to their heart.

Artisurn’s empowered me to let my fears go and embrace my ability to make things happen. I often wake up before dawn to sneak in a few hours of work before the kids are up and stay up late after kids go to bed to get the word out and emotionally connect with people. I’m passionate about my vision and excited for what the future holds.

I’m truly honoring my brother’s and friend’s memories. Each morning when I mediate and give my thanks, I send my Namaste to my brother and my friend, and it makes me whole again.

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