Biodegradable Coffins Made From Recycled Paper Pulp


Coffin Model, Dancof, Biodegradable, Green Design, Coffin, Funeral

Even though Halloween is over, here is one super sustainable design solution that is bound to keep the green spirits happy for the rest of the year. Direct from Denmark, Bendt Stov recently launched DanCof, an innovative range of eco-coffins and urns that have been molded from biodegradable, long fiber recycled paper (PULP). Taking good habits beyond the grave, Bendt Stov’s innovative coffins will allow the environmentally conscious to carry their green credentials into the afterlife.

Urn, Designs, Denmark, Green, Materials, Eco, Funeral
Coffin Model, Dancof, Biodegradable, Green Design, Denmark, Funeral
coffin, model, denmark, danish, design, funeral, green, materials, biodegradable
Dancof, Coffine, Biodegradable, Green, Materials, Funeral, Denmakr, Danish, Design

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4 Thoughts on “Biodegradable Coffins Made From Recycled Paper Pulp

  1. kmcad on April 2, 2012 at 9:16 pm said:

    hi, arent you forgetting a few things here like;
    there is no production or product,
    the idea is old and not yours at all,
    its patented with a 10 year old us patent us6149845
    paper pulp coffins were on the danish markets several years ago but disspeared as they couldnt get approval
    there are 1000+ similar (some would say nicer looking) paper material coffins on the market mostly from china allready etc etc

  2. Bendt Skov on April 2, 2012 at 9:40 pm said:

    Hi Tina,
    I am very sorry that you get my answer now, but it’s a bug in my system and you were unfortunately forgotten, but here is my answer.
    The material I use is in liquid form, cast in a mould and dried. Therefore it will not be successful for your use as a mould to be produced and it is very expensive.
    I hope you find a different solution, why not handmade the type you want in papmasche?
    Thank you for thinking of my idea with coffins and urns. I can tell you that there is great interest in large parts of the world, and if you Google “DanCof” you will see how much being written about it.

    Many greetings
    Bendt Skov

  3. Dreamvalley on April 2, 2012 at 9:41 pm said:

    I’m a visual artist living in Norway. I’m just about to design an art exhibition about animals in danger for extinction and their natural habitats.The exhibition aims at engaging people into protecting local wildlife habitats. I want to build seven big round spheres (diameter around 2 meter) that will hang from the ceiling in the exhibition space. I want to mold these spheres in recycled paper pulp, and I’m looking for a pulp mixture that manages big shapes. What is the pulp recepy of those coffins you designed? Is it possible to obtain some of the materials you used – and if so – where?
    I really like your idea of the eco friendly coffins.
    With kind regards
    Tina Mareen Buddeberg

  4. ninepointone on April 2, 2012 at 10:14 pm said:

    Seems like a fantastic solution.

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