Bah Humbug: An Alternative to Giving Stuff for the Holidays

Peer to peer fundraising is easy and fun!
Peer to peer fundraising is easy and fun!

The holiday season is always abustle with people rushing here and there to gather presents to exchange. I too get swept up in the excitement of finding or making the perfect gift for those around me, but at times the idea of all the stuff being wrapped up in pretty paper and ribbons to create mountains of sparkle under trees gets to be a bit much for me. Perhaps it does for you too.

What if we were to work together to Give the Gift of Dignity this holiday season instead? ‘Cause do you really need that Pi ice cube tray? Or would you rather join me in asking for gifts to our favorite nonprofit instead?

Donations to the Death with Dignity National Center give all year long. 2012 was an amazing year for elevating the conversation about these important laws with the voter ballot initiative in Massachusetts and the Vermont Senate debate about assisted death. The Death with Dignity National Center has been a dedicated partner for these efforts the entire time.

These public efforts raised awareness about Death with Dignity at a national level, and directly contributed to a stronger call for end-of-life care policy reform throughout the US—including proposed laws in states like New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania, as well as requests for more options in states like New Mexico, Montana, and Hawaii.

The Death with Dignity National Center is already working on ways to capitalize on this momentum in 2013 and beyond. By letting your friends know you’d prefer them to donate and help us continue our important work rather than exchanging stuff, you’ll help make sure we’re ready to work with our grassroots partners to meet each opponent challenge head-on. For your convenience, we’re working with three online fundraising solutions:

Each website allows you to make a general, tax-deductible donation to us, or you can set up your own personal fundraising page. There are dozens of online platforms to encourage your friends to help a cause meaningful to you. Please let us know if there’s a different online platform you’d like us to consider.

Thank you for considering asking for donations in lieu of stuff. After all, who among us really needs new purple pajamas this year?

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