A look at Old Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, Scotland, UK


Old Aberdeen is an ancient town which now lies within the newer city of Aberdeen. Situated to the north of the city, the area known as Old Aberdeen is now home to the University of Aberdeen though the campus still welcomes visitors. Old Aberdeen is an absolute gem lying within the better known city of Aberdeen. The two were once totally separate entities and still have unique identities. Aberdeen is the modern sister while Old Aberdeen, like its name suggests, has preserved its heritage and is a definite must-see for visitors to Aberdeen. One of the oldest structures in Old Aberdeen is Brig O’ Balgownie or the bridge over the River Don. An ancient monument, the bridge was constructed in the 13th century and according to legend the work was finished by Robert the Bruce. However, the structure which you’ll see on your visit is largely the result of reconstruction in the mid 19th century. Heading up Don Street from the bridge brings you to Seaton Park, a beautiful green space which once surrounded Seaton House. Amongst the interesting features of the park here is Tillydrone Motte. Formerly thought to be the remains of a 12th century castle, archaeological excavation has revealed that this mound was created in the 2nd century. It has yet to be determined whether the structure was used as a defence or for burial. A short distance to the west is the late 16th century Benholm’s Lodge. A turreted town house, it was moved (stone by stone) to its present position in 1965 when

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