2010 Entrepreneurial Business Award Winner


The EBAward was initiated by Louise Lambert, President of Junior Achievement, Ed Levental, General Manager of Valco Industries, and Pamela Schindler, Director of the Wittenberg Center for Applied Management in 1997. Together their common interest in education and business vitality led to the idea of showcasing local business success stories. The EBA recognizes and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit and practices of area companies by recognizing businesses that have implemented innovative ideas to better serve their customers, enhance the skills of their employees, improve their competitiveness or benefit the community. The EBAward has been a student-managed project in the Wittenberg Center for Applied Management (WittCAM) since its inception. Past winners include: Champion Company, Oxiem Marketing Technologies, Comfort Keepers, Safety Through Engineering, The Happy Soul, Young’s Diary, Freedom Feeds, Kapp Construction, Ohio Feedlot Inc, Rothschild Berry Farms, Rittal Corporation, and Acusource. The Champion Company is the winner of the 2010 Entrepreneurial Business Award. Champion was founded in 1878, and has been in business for 131 years. Headquartered in Springfield, and calling itself “Springfield’s best kept secret”, the champion Company is a funeral supply company that is truly innovative and setting the pace for the embalming industry. In April 2009, Champion released its 4th generation line of funeral products. The line, called ENIGMA, is the first and only

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One Thought on “2010 Entrepreneurial Business Award Winner

  1. conglomerate8 on June 20, 2012 at 1:36 am said:

    How about design a super aerodynamics funeral escorting service! Is that GREEN? In the meantime, our OIL companies are´╗┐ sucking immensely hard! and yet we are concerned about funerals!

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