Natural Burials

What are Natural Burials ?

"Natural Burials"

Natural burials are an alternative to the normal method of burying people in the Western world.  When a loved one dies it is a difficult time for all involved. It is not an easy process deciding how best to mark a persons passing. Whether for a loved one or  planning your own remembrance looking at all of your options is always important. Natural burials or Green burials as they are often known, are a suitable way to remember those who cared about the environment, and would like their passing to reflect that. The process involves not using any chemical preservatives or embalming fluid to artificially prolong a body’s time without decomposing. The burial is often done in a biodegradable coffin. This means the body degrades naturally after burial with no harm to the environment. Many cemeteries will accommodate natural burials and there are many other options for natural burial in the UK.

History of Modern Green Burial in the UK.

Although almost all burials up until a few hundred years ago were natural burials modern embalming methods have erased this process. Some natural burials still took place up until modern times but most were of a more traditional type. The first privately owned natural burial ground in the UK was opened in 1993. In the past twenty years more than two hundred dedicated sites for natural burials have opened up around the UK making it a much more prominent and main stream form of burial in the country.

Natural Burials are a Viable Option.

Natural burials are now a popular method of remembering the dead. There are many options and many ways to get information on the subject. Having a Green burial is the ideal way to immortalize your lost loved ones and remember them in a way that does no damage to the environment. If you think a natural burial is the right course for you to follow there are many sources of information out there. You should contact an expert when the time comes. They can lead you through the process and make this difficult time easier. Natural burials are the best way to remember loved ones in a way that reflects their love of the environment. It’s an option for everybody and it should be viewed along with traditional burial and cremation to find the solution that suits you and your family. Natural Burials are a viable option, and it’s one that could change your relationship to death. Natural burials let us look at death as a recycling. This can give us a healthier world view and one that can bring us closer to peace.

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